Tuesday, September 19, 2017

I felt a great disturbance in the Force...

...like thousands of hoplophobes crying out in panic and then suddenly silent.

Behold what Silencerco hath wrought:

What you are looking at is an integrally-suppressed .50 caliber rifle that is not a firearm, is fifty-state legal, and can be ordered right off Silencerco's webpage right here.

That sound you hear is Diane Feinstein's teeth grinding and Bloomberg's distal sphincter slamming shut. Glorious!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Bizarre ad meme?

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Three Quarters Done

Took the HK P30L and a hundred rounds of ammo to Indy Arms Co on Friday morning. My last fifty round box of the Winchester NATO ball (time to reorder!) and a box of standard pressure 124gr Federal HST. I also brought along my freshly reconfigured carbine to get an idea of how much work we were going to have ahead of us zeroing the scope.

The pistol was shot at seven yards. The carbine was pretty close to POA/POI at fifteen, just hammering the trigger in big, goofy three- and five-round strings because WHEEEEE! That SpĆ¼hr Team Noveske mount is probably overkill for this gun; you could use it to hold up a highway bridge, let alone keep an optic from wiggling under the titanic recoil forces generated by 5.56x45mm ammo.

I'll take the carbine to Atlanta Conservation Club on Tuesday or Wednesday and get it dialed in.

The HK P30L has now fired 1500 rounds since it was last cleaned or lubricated with no failures of any type to report. 500 rounds left to go.

Saturday, September 16, 2017


Since I paid off the 16GB iPhone 6S that I've been using since last April, and since Apple just released the iPhone 8 and the magic super-duper iPhone X, I figured it was time to upgrade...

So while I was riding in the passenger seat of Bobbi's car today, I used my carrier's app on my phone to upgrade to...a 32GB iPhone 7 Plus.

Again Marko and Mike Grasso were bad influences, just like with the watch. But watching both of them use theirs, I realized that it was still (albeit just barely) shirt pocket size on my gun burkhas and, more importantly, it solved my biggest issue with the cell phone camera: The second lens means I have both a wide-angle (28mm) and a normal lens (56mm) equivalent.

So my phone bill's not going to change...unless I decide to add my old iPhone 6S as a second line. Debating the pros and cons of that.

QotD: Be Real Edition...

This deserves fleshing out into a whole post, but I'm going to drop it here so I can remember it...
"short of natural disaster or civil disorder it is extremely unlikely that they will either need (nor want) to wear armor, a chest rig, and carry a half dozen magazines for the rifle. After all...if you empty one 30rd mag in civilian world USA you are going to be on the news.....if you empty TWO you are going to be in the encyclopedia......" -Randy Harris
...which in turn echoes the famous SouthNarc quote:
"Personally I think that if a man is naked and is standing in a locked room with ten other naked men, and can't keep at least half of them from raping him, then the last thing he needs is a carbine course." -Craig Douglas
I know people who take butt-tons of carbine classes because, face it, running and gunning with an AR or AK, especially on targets in the 7-to-50 yard range, is fun as hell.

Which is not to say that there wasn't a ton of value in what I spent last week doing, because any time you get a chance to have to think on your feet while armed and move safely around other armed people and make decisions with a gun in your hand is time well-spent. Working tactics in the house is a different animal altogether from doing marksmanship stuff on the square range.

That, and quality low-light training is something I will jump on any chance I get. Especially if there's a force-on-force component.

Do note that both Forge Tactical and Sentinel Concepts offer classes that will let you work in the house with just the pistol in two-person teams. Do you have anyone in your life who carries a pistol also? Do you often find yourself in the same building with each other? Do you know how to move around each other and solve problems safely with loaded guns in your hands? Might this be a valuable skill? I think so, too!

Friday, September 15, 2017


So that my morning's discussion elsewhere won't be completely in vain...

A lot of Glock aftermarket triggers get sold by the manufacturer claiming "It has a stock (or polished/plated) Glock trigger bar" with the unstated presumption that this leaves all the factory Glock safeties intact.

But that isn't the case.

Now, here are two examples of quality triggers in my own guns that are both using factory Glock trigger bars. Both Glocks are fitted with a Striker Control Device from Tau Development Group. I have used both guns in classes and would carry either one.

This Gen3 Glock 19 has an SSVi Tyr trigger in it. The gun is "cocked" (hold your emails about how Glocks are really only about 7/8th's cocked, Glock nerds.) Note how the Striker Control Device lies flush with the slide as intended.

Here is my Robar'ed Gen2 Glock 17 with a TAC trigger from Overwatch Precision in it*. Notice how the SCD stands just ever slightly proud of the slide. This is because, despite having a stock trigger bar, the shoe of the TAC provides just enough pretravel that the tail of the trigger bar is lightly contacting the SCD.

Now, the ZEV Fulcrum trigger, which I'm not providing a link to because it's garbage and if you use it you should feel bad, also uses a "factory trigger bar". But if I put the Fulcrum in one of these guns, which I'm not doing right now because I'm in a hurry, the SCD would be pushed WAY out. And if you looked up the magwell with the Fulcrum in the gun, you'd see that the trigger bar was so far to the rear, even with the trigger at rest, that the firing pin safety was disengaged.

With that trigger in your gun, your gun is not drop safe. And I don't mean "not drop safe" in the "if you drop it on a hard enough surface at just the right angle from the right height while holding your mouth right" sense, I mean that the gun will discharge with surprisingly little jarring.

I feel bad for ever having that trigger in a gun. I didn't know. Now I do. And so do you.

Fulcrum trigger: Not even once.

*That trigger was sent to me for free for T&E. I liked it enough that I paid retail for a second one.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Depends what you consider "retro"...

So, there's a running joke on Facebook where Caleb will post a picture of one of the issue M4's from work and I'll crack wise about the Air Force issuing "retro" guns.

Mind you, they're pretty standard M4's, it's just that the guns found out in the non-SOCOM parts of the armed forces are, by the standards of the current state-of-the-art, kinda old school. You know, the way guys in line units during OIF were clearing houses with Maglites hose-clamped to the handguards of their A2's while cake-eating civilian me here at home had a Surefire M500 on her ban-compliant house gun.

Some of his fellow airmen didn't get the joke, though. "Those aren't retro! Those are standard issue!" Yeah, so are birth control glasses...

David Merrill over at RECOIL is the sort of AR geek who can tell you pretty much when a rifle was put together with remarkable accuracy just by the configuration of gun and accessories.

I'm not that good, but I can get within a few years. I showed the below picture of my previous house gun (taken in Marko's driveway a couple years ago) to one of the Surefire reps at the class in Alliance last week and he said "Man, that looks like an EAG class gun from '08 or '09," and he was pretty spot on. That gun had been built at the end of 2012 and its configuration had been heavily influenced by Pat Rogers' articles in SWAT over the previous several years.

But hardware trends are definitely a thing. A lot of them start in 3 Gun competition shooting and percolate into the tactical world. An example of that would be low-power variable optics. Once magnifying scopes rugged enough to take a whack became a thing, it was only a matter of time before they became the choice of serious dudes.

Grinding away...

At Indy Arms Co. again yesterday morning with the HK P30L and two hundred rounds of ammunition. I had the pistol bay to myself, and so I was able to break the speed limit with impunity without worrying about setting a bad example for other customers.

I was experimenting with grip and seeing the effects at speed. Todd Jarrett's lesson about aiming at the top third of the target paid off a few times, obviously.

The HK P30L has now fired 1400 rounds since it was last cleaned or lubricated with no failures of any type to report. 600 rounds left to go.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A Dozen Hundred.

I took the P30L up to Atlanta Conservation Club with Mike Grasso yesterday to continue the 2k round test. A hundred and fifty rounds of the Winchester NATO FMJ and fifty Federal Premium HST 124gr +P jacketed hollow points went downrange.

The center circle was a hundred and fifty rounds at seven-ish yards. The lower right is where I let Mike fam-fire a box of fifty through the gat. The other circles were him working with the Romeo optic on his P320 X-Five.

The HK P30L has now fired 1200 rounds since it was last cleaned or lubricated with no failures of any type to report. 800 rounds left to go.

QotD: Reach Out And Touch Edition...

"If you're not a shooter, that might not sound like a big deal, but hitting a target more than a quarter mile away with no optical magnification and eyes no longer young — that's something."

Flicks I Want To See...

Apparently there's a movie out now about the incident that earned Ted Kennedy the nickname "The Evel Knievel of Chappaquiddick". If this is showing at the local art house cinema, I'm down to see it.

Random musing...