Saturday, February 18, 2017

Trying to get this done...

I was cautiously optimistic and dragged myself to the range yesterday morning to get more rounds in on the G43 test. As it turns out, I wasn't quite as recovered as I thought I was, and just a hundred rounds through the 43 and comfirming the zero on a carbine left me completely gassed and weak as a kitten. Probably because my lungs are half full of nasty icky stuff instead of air.

Anyway, I'm getting better at trying to build up some speed with the 43, although I did manage to induce one failure to lock open on the last round by getting too aggressive with my grip and fouling the slide release. I'm not holding that against the gun. Other than that, there were no malfunctions of any kind to report.

This makes 850 rounds fired since the gun was cleaned or lubricated with no malfunctions. 1,150 rounds to go.

Friday, February 17, 2017

And now a word from our sponsors!

"Yeah, you might have what you think is a better way and, hell, it might even be a better way – it might even be Timney trigger good." -Richard Mann. Complete with a hotlink to Timney Triggers.
Coming up in the sequel: "Why does the general shooting public think gunwriters are shameless whores?"


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Gratuitous Gun Pr0n #160...

Ruger Redhawk .357 Magnum 8-shot snubbie, cut for moon clips.

Hmmm... The factory sights shoot ~4.5" low at five yards and about 7" low at seven, with 125gr .357 Mag loads. I'm going to go out on a limb and say there aren't enough clicks in the factory adjustable rear to fix that, although we'll certainly run it up there in an effort to try. It's either going to need a cut down front sight or a shark fin of a rear blade installed.

Tuesday shooting stuff...

Tuesday morning I dropped the Zed Drei off at the shop to get that cracked rim finally welded. From there I walked over to Indy Arms Company to continue the testing of the Glock 43...

A hundred rounds of CCI Blazer Brass 115gr FMJ. I'm getting my grip issues ironed out a little bit better, but I still have a way to go. I also have a G42/43 adapter plate on the way for my Ameriglo sight pusher. Can't wait to get some real sights on this thing.

There were no malfunctions of any type to report.

This makes 750 rounds fired since the gun was cleaned or lubricated with no malfunctions. 1,250 rounds to go.

After shooting, I grabbed an Uber home, where I dropped off my range bag, grabbed my iPad, and then walked over to Twenty Tap to get lunch.

A spicy Cuban sandwich and a pint of Angle Juice, an American Dark Mild that's a collaboration between Sun King and Round Town. A nice, sessionable 3.7%ABV brew that doesn't leave you feeling guilty for having a pint with lunch.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


In the middle of the night last night I was shivering so badly I woke myself up. I'm surprised it wasn't shaking the house.

Dozed under an electric blanket all morning, mostly, and into the afternoon until the end of Ellen before heading down the hall to the office. Alternating chills and sweats and sore all over. This is indeed the stuff that Bobbi brought home from work; lord only knows how I dodged it so long.

Feeling a little better right now, but still sore and not entirely convinced the fever's not ready for an encore performance.

Didn't walk today, obviously. Feel like a slacker. Yesterday was Day Nine, hopefully tomorrow will be Day One again.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tuesday stuff...

From Bookface this morning at about 0500...
"Rannie bit me on the ear at 3:53 AM. Not hard, not even breaking skin, but I've been wide awake since then.
Now the alarm clock goes off in an hour, and I'm debating the wisdom of even trying to get more sleep."
On the one hand it *is* funny as heck.

On the other, I've been worried about her a lot lately. She'll be sixteen this year, and she's definitely getting frail. I'd hate to think what could have happened if a startled, half-awake me had lashed out and flung her or something.

I didn't get back to sleep, unless you count a fitful half hour or so long after the alarm clock went off. Plans to head out the door and get my walk in before breakfast? Dashed.

Yesterday the nose got a little runny, and the starting of a productive cough began. I assumed it was just the long tail of the cold Bobbi brought home from a coworker, but this morning I was coughing more and by evening I had the tender lymph nodes, sore joints, and beginnings of a fever that tell me that either I hadn't really dodged it, or else this was some fresh ailment. Which is a bummer, because I've been feeling pretty dang fine the last few days and thought I'd gotten off light.

On the upside, I finally got around to getting the cracked rim in the Zed Drei welded and re-balanced today, so I have a roadtrip-worthy machine again.

How handy Uber is! Take car to shop, walk from shop to Indy Arms Co. to do some blasting, get an Uber home, walk to Twenty Tap for lunch, and then get an Uber back to pick up my car. I'm definitely becoming a fan.

Whole lotta punchin' goin' on...

This guy wants to punch Zionists...

Chris Hernandez has a piece on punching Nazis...

Monday, February 13, 2017

From discussion elsewhere...

"There is a lot more value than we like to admit in any gun that allows you to warble "I have a gun!" into the darkness of the hallway and not be lying.

Contrary to what Gabe Suarez would like you to believe, this only rarely results in the squad of terrorists that have invaded your home unleashing a fusillade of M43 through the walls and into your bedroom."

Sunday was a good day...

Yesterday was sunny and nearly fifty degrees out. I rode along with Bobbi to do some errands, and then we stopped at Indy Arms Co., her to blow some dust off and try out her new Ruger Elsie Pea and me to put more rounds through the test G43.

It was a fairly rushed hundred-round range session for me. It was busy out there and I like to just get my shooting over and done when there are a bunch of people I don't know on the range.

There were no malfunctions of any type to report.

This makes 650 rounds fired since the gun was cleaned or lubricated with no malfunctions. 1,350 rounds to go.

After we wrapped up shooting, we drove home and then took advantage of the warm-for-February weather and strolled over to Twenty Tap for a late lunch/early dinner.

Roomie ordered the pork banh mi and a lemonade, and I had a blackened whitefish sandwich (tasty remoulade!) and a pint of the house tangerine wheat beer. On the way home I got my daily mile in by parting company with Bobbi and walking a few blocks out of the way and then back to Roseholme Cottage.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Topsy Turvy World

And Saturday...

Back to Indy Arms Co. on Saturday to keep the round count stepping along smartly. A hundred rounds of the house 9x19 range ammo, currently Remington 115gr FMJ, was purchased while I await my next shipment from Lucky Gunner.

Also, I'm slap out of targets except for Shoot 'N' See bullseyes, so I bought one of these, which is currently subbing for their out-of-stock B21E targets. It's kinda B21-esque, but with the messed-up B27 scoring zones, which I ignored.

Like I noted on Instagram, speed with this thing continues to elude me. I need to work on my grip strength, number one, and for a gun that punishes trigger control issues so harshly, the standard trigger is just completely unsat.

Despite being domestically produced and not required to meet the GCA '68 BATFEIEIO "Import Points" total, it still has a serrated trigger like the ones used on all other compact and subcompact Glocks, rather than the smooth-faced unit found on the full-size and competition guns. I am betting it would greatly benefit from a smoother, flatter trigger shoe.

EDIT: I am informed that "43s are not all US built. That's why the 42 (100% US built) gets a smooth trigger but the 43 is serrated." And now I know, and knowing is half the battle! (The other half is red lasers and blue lasers.)

There were no malfunctions of any type to report.

This makes 550 rounds fired since the gun was cleaned or lubricated with no malfunctions. 1,450 rounds to go.