Friday, November 17, 2017

Today's No Context Required Quote...

"I keep getting the government my next door neighbor deserves." -Me on the Bookface

Double Standards?

What I found interesting was how many of my internet acquaintances... the same ones who lose their minds if a model in an ad has her finger on the trigger or some n00b makes the grievous error of calling a magazine a "clip" in earshot...were absolutely silent when Roy Moore whipped a J-frame out of his pocket, handling it like a can of corn, and then muzzled the entire audience stuffing it back in his trousers.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Seems legit...

"Dear Costumer..."

I'm surprised they didn't ask me to do the needful and send bobs and vagene while they were at it.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Home Again, Home Again...

A much needed vacation in a cabin in the Smokies with a few friends. I didn't do anything remotely work-like after the first day, either.

Since writing is work now, that meant I kinda neglected the blog, so... sorry-not-sorry?

Also, after four full days of low-level debauchery, half-assing my carb counting, and way overshooting my daily calorie budgets, I only gained six tenths of a pound, and that's not enough to be worrisome. It'll be gone in no time.

Anyway, home and back to the keyboard.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Other things I did.

I learned how to play two fun new party games yesterday.

First, I was secretly Hitler and managed to get elected Chancellor!

Then I built amazing monsters to destroy armies of babies!

The only way I could feel like this...

...would be if I stayed up until 4AM sipping bourbon in a hot tub on a balcony in the mountains.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Still cracks me up...

Thin Yellow Line o' Heroes...

So, first were the "blue line" license plates and bumper stickers sported by the po-po. When I saw red ones, I knew that hose-draggers decided that they wanted a little signifier, too. Then came the green line, for deer cops and tree police.

When I saw the yellow line license plate, I was stumped, until the car it was on turned and I saw that the Crown Vic with the light bar and antenna farm was not, in fact, the IMPD, but rather was operated by a private security company.

So the yellow line represents the thin yellow line of heroes standing between civilization and higher retail prices caused by shoplifting and skateboarding on the sidewalk. We finally have a way to acknowledge the selfless service of the rent-a-cops, the mall ninjas, the brave men and women of loss prevention.

This is getting wack.


My email inbox is a horror show. There's still stuff in there from the last week or so in New Mexico that I haven't dealt with.

No matter how much I pretend it's not there, it keeps not answering itself.

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

A fun project...

Almost all the the photos I posted on this blog from its inception until the middle of 2011 were taken with a Nikon Coolpix 990 that was a hand-me-down from Oleg. He asked, just before SHOT Show this year, if I still had it. When I answered in the affirmative, he asked if I wouldn't mind letting him have it back so that he could see what kind of pictures he could make with it now, versus the ones he took more than fifteen years ago, when it was one of his first forays into digital.

That gave me an idea. The camera I had before Oleg gifted me that Nikon 990 was a Sony Mavica FD-88. I handed it on to Marko, and it's long gone, but it wasn't too hard to track one down...

A post shared by Tamara Keel (@tamarakeel) on

These were taken with the Mavica back in the day...

I wonder what I could do with it now?

Using vs. Collecting

This post about de-cluttering one's photographic gear resonated, especially since I'm in the process of paring down a couple decades' accumulation of old military rifles for very similar reasons. I don't shoot them and, in fact, I don't really have them stored in the sort of accessible fashion that allows me to really get them out and appreciate them, so I reckon it's time to get them back out into the marketplace and let them find homes where they will be loved appropriately.

In general, however, I don't really have a problem drawing a distinction between "using" guns and "collecting" guns. The former tend to need to justify their keep and I have minimal attachment to them as objects, while the latter don't have to be objectively useful to be appreciated. I give you exhibit A:
They don't even load .32 Rimfire anymore, but that's okay. All this gun needs to do to justify its existence is sit there and look pretty. Further, since it's over a hundred and fifty years old, I reckon its probably already done plenty of shooting. With a durable artifact like this, I'm just a temporary custodian, holding on to it for the next person.

I still haven't put a roll of film through the IIIb, either, although I fully intend to. I'd like to do at least some shooting with a Barnack Leica, if only to say I have.